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Renegade archaeologist … Dr. Heather Lynn (Mysteries/Archaeology)

Just discovered Dr. Heather Lynn who is a leading expert in alternative archaeology and hidden history. This is just the kind of person that interests me, she questions “known/accepted facts”. She is a professional historian and archaeologist, member of the World Archaeological Congress, and president of the Society for Truth in Archaeological Research (STAR). Heather has explored the reaches of the unknown on a personal quest to find the truth about human origins. She broke away from the mainstream after realizing that much of what we know about our history is based solely on the consensus of elite, often politically motivated, individuals and institutions. Now, Heather is on a quest to expose the intricate network of corrupt academic elites, global power brokers, and international banking families that work together to revise human history.
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Bombarder – Speed Kills (Thrash/Speed Metal)

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One of my all time favourite records … dirty Speed/Thrash from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Originally formed in 1987. Amidst the various Balkan wars of the early 1990s, which claimed the lives of drummer Fahrudin Čelik and guitarist Maho Šiljdedić, vocalist Nenad Kovačević moved to Serbia. Listen down below.
I can only hope for a re-release on vinyl since it was only released on tape back in the day.

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The Case for the Calaveras Skull (Mysteries)


The Case for the Calaveras Skull

Edward C. Lain and Robert E. Gentet
© CRSQ 33: 248-256
The Calaveras Skull was discovered in 1866 in a gold-bearing gravel dated by conventional geology as tens of millions of years older than man’s supposed origin. It initiated one of the greatest controversies over American fossil finds of ancient man. All individuals connected with the original find believed it to be genuine, including the famous nineteenth century geologist J. D. Whitney who made it widely known. Later, a ferocious attack by both evolutionists and some religionists branded the skull as merely a trick played upon the unsuspecting finder (Mattison) and the geologist examiner (Whitney). Close examination of the historical facts shows the skull should be taken seriously as one of the most mysterious and probably most significant human fossil finds on the North American continent. The authors believe the Calaveras Skull and hundreds of associated human artifacts have withstood the test of time and constitute remarkable evidences of ancient Man existing in America before the commencement of the Post-Flood Ice Age.

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Blind Legion – The Lost Tapes (Heavy Metal)

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Awesome band from Albany, New York, USA that was only active a couple of years during the mid 80´s.  They aeleased a 7″ ( Nice Guys Finish Last) and two demo tapes in ’85 and ’86. Originally formed as Blitzkrieg, then Blade (for a few weeks), before changing thier name to Legion (US) and releasing the original version of “Nice Guys FInish Last”. They re-recorded it and released it later in ’85 as “Blind Legion”, and also had several demo tapes. Blind Legion had a lot of material written that never got released other then on demo tapes, but before the name change from Legion they only had the 2 songs from the 7″.


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Misfits (Tv show)

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A British science-fiction-comedy-drama show that went on for five seasons between 2009-2013 on the British channel E4.  It´s about a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community center, where they obtain supernatural powers after a strange electric storm.

I have no idea how I could have missed this amazing show, it´s absolutly awsome. First and foremost funny as hell. Through the five seasons the cast changed several times and you Always thought … oh, no now it´s gonna turn into shit … but that never happened. It just became even better.



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Trailer Park Boys (TV show)

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This awesome series is a mockumentary created and directed by Mike Clattenburg. The show follows the people in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and focusing on the characters Julian, Ricky and Bubbles and their often criminal activities. The first seven seasons where shown during 2001-2007, after a hiatus they are back with new seasons since 2014.

Holy fuck this show is awesome, for me the funniest show this side of the 2000´s. Following these people in the trailer park is just a joy, the funniest parts are those including Ricky “dummest and angriest man in Canada” and Bubbles “What´s worst than getting fucked by a bear” they gotta be my favourite characters ever in a 25 minutes comedy series.
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