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Renegade archaeologist … Dr. Heather Lynn (Mysteries/Archaeology)

Just discovered Dr. Heather Lynn who is a leading expert in alternative archaeology and hidden history. This is just the kind of person that interests me, she questions “known/accepted facts”. She is a professional historian and archaeologist, member of the World Archaeological Congress, and president of the Society for Truth in Archaeological Research (STAR). Heather has explored the reaches of the unknown on a personal quest to find the truth about human origins. She broke away from the mainstream after realizing that much of what we know about our history is based solely on the consensus of elite, often politically motivated, individuals and institutions. Now, Heather is on a quest to expose the intricate network of corrupt academic elites, global power brokers, and international banking families that work together to revise human history.
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The Case for the Calaveras Skull (Mysteries)


The Case for the Calaveras Skull

Edward C. Lain and Robert E. Gentet
© CRSQ 33: 248-256
The Calaveras Skull was discovered in 1866 in a gold-bearing gravel dated by conventional geology as tens of millions of years older than man’s supposed origin. It initiated one of the greatest controversies over American fossil finds of ancient man. All individuals connected with the original find believed it to be genuine, including the famous nineteenth century geologist J. D. Whitney who made it widely known. Later, a ferocious attack by both evolutionists and some religionists branded the skull as merely a trick played upon the unsuspecting finder (Mattison) and the geologist examiner (Whitney). Close examination of the historical facts shows the skull should be taken seriously as one of the most mysterious and probably most significant human fossil finds on the North American continent. The authors believe the Calaveras Skull and hundreds of associated human artifacts have withstood the test of time and constitute remarkable evidences of ancient Man existing in America before the commencement of the Post-Flood Ice Age.

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Upside down trees (Mysteries)

The Mystery of the Upside Down Tree

In different areas of North America, people have found trees, big trees, that have been uprooted and shoved back down into the ground in an inverted position. Does bigfoot cause this, or is there some other explanation?

One photo on that site shows an upside down tree found on top of a ridge in Northern Colorado. It was located near an old burn area and the site says, “This is Sasquatch related activity mainly found in the West, Canada, and Alaska.” The upside down tree is estimated to be about 30 feet tall and looks as if it has been in that position for awhile. As noted on that site such a feat would require either machinery or a phenomenal amount of strength. The site also notes that such feats are demonstrations by Bigfoot of their strength and they are signs to let others know they are still in the area.

It might be noted that upside down trees with the tops buried 5 to 7 feet in the ground and roots showing towards the sky is not anything new and has nothing to do with Bigfoot. They are found in a place called Glacier Gardens in Juneau, Alaska. In that botanical garden you will find just such upside down trees. They garden calls them “Flower Towers.” Their website even tells you how to grow your own! Of course you have to dig a hole at least 5 feet deep to accomplish the feat. Fish netting is used to line the root ball of the tree and mosses are put down over the netting for nutrients.

So might not the upside down trees found in the wilds of Alaska, Canada, and Colorado might not be the product of loggers? This is certainly possible and even probable. To slam a tree 5-7 feet into the ground would require phenomenal power and although Bigfoot is physically stronger than humans I highly doubt they are strong enought to accomplish something of this magnitude.

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