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Bombarder – Speed Kills (Thrash/Speed Metal)

RATING: skullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_liten

One of my all time favourite records … dirty Speed/Thrash from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Originally formed in 1987. Amidst the various Balkan wars of the early 1990s, which claimed the lives of drummer Fahrudin Čelik and guitarist Maho Šiljdedić, vocalist Nenad Kovačević moved to Serbia. Listen down below.
I can only hope for a re-release on vinyl since it was only released on tape back in the day.

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Blind Legion – The Lost Tapes (Heavy Metal)

RATING: skullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_liten

Awesome band from Albany, New York, USA that was only active a couple of years during the mid 80´s.  They aeleased a 7″ ( Nice Guys Finish Last) and two demo tapes in ’85 and ’86. Originally formed as Blitzkrieg, then Blade (for a few weeks), before changing thier name to Legion (US) and releasing the original version of “Nice Guys FInish Last”. They re-recorded it and released it later in ’85 as “Blind Legion”, and also had several demo tapes. Blind Legion had a lot of material written that never got released other then on demo tapes, but before the name change from Legion they only had the 2 songs from the 7″.


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Misfits (Tv show)

RATING : skullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_liten

A British science-fiction-comedy-drama show that went on for five seasons between 2009-2013 on the British channel E4.  It´s about a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community center, where they obtain supernatural powers after a strange electric storm.

I have no idea how I could have missed this amazing show, it´s absolutly awsome. First and foremost funny as hell. Through the five seasons the cast changed several times and you Always thought … oh, no now it´s gonna turn into shit … but that never happened. It just became even better.



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Trailer Park Boys (TV show)

RATING : skullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_liten

This awesome series is a mockumentary created and directed by Mike Clattenburg. The show follows the people in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and focusing on the characters Julian, Ricky and Bubbles and their often criminal activities. The first seven seasons where shown during 2001-2007, after a hiatus they are back with new seasons since 2014.

Holy fuck this show is awesome, for me the funniest show this side of the 2000´s. Following these people in the trailer park is just a joy, the funniest parts are those including Ricky “dummest and angriest man in Canada” and Bubbles “What´s worst than getting fucked by a bear” they gotta be my favourite characters ever in a 25 minutes comedy series.
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After movie diner (Movie podcast)

RATING : skullnew_halv_liten

Annoying podcast about mainly horror and b-action movies. Each episode for some reason takes place in a diner where the background noise of talking people is the first turn off, we also get to hear they interact with the waitress and listen to their food order … for some fuckin reason. Next and the main thing is do the hosts really like movies at all? All you´re getting away from this show is the constant whining about Everything over some background noise. To be fair I have only listened to 5 episodes … because life is just too short. But maybe if you´re a masochist and listen to 50 episodes you get a different opinion.

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Gentlemen´s guide to midnite cinema (Movie podcast)

RATING : skullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew_halv_liten
A movie podcast covering a wide range of Movies, but focusing on so called “Trash Cinema”. At the time of writing this I have only listened to 5-6 episodes and they have made more than 350 podcast., This one feels more like some kind of background radio than something you hardcore follow and take notes from. They watch movies and kind of review them. But they never goes into the depth of them I feel. It also seems that they aren´t into physical media and I never heard them discuss any DVD or blu-ray releases which are a big minus for me. But as said I might change my opinion when Í have listen to alot more epsiodes.

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Bloodbath and boomsticks (Horror podcast)

BETYG : skullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_liten

Awesome and funny movie podcast, focusing on horror but also b-action movies. It usually starts with what they have watched during the last week, and then some horror news. After that there´s usually a part with letters from listeners, not that often serious ones but are meant to be funny which they sometimes are but gets pretty repetitive. For me this part would be shorter and the synopsis of their choosen movies longer. Kyle Poling and Tim Gross are the two hosts of the show and they are really entertaining. Kyle´s love for everything “Madmax” or “Popcorn” and Tim´s love for “Independent films” is always in focus and interesting. Hanging out with these 2 guys on a horror movie convention would proberly just be awesome. It really shows that they love movies, although for me it´s hard to take Tim Gross (who also review movies and releases books) opinions to heart. When he thinks “Tomb of the blind dead” is bad, but a movie like “Woodchipper massacre” is awesome. I check out :-) Continue reading


Zombie Holocaust [1980] (Skräckfilm)

BETYG : skullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_liten

Zombie/Kannibal film från 1980, som även går under namnet “Doctor Butcher M.D”, regisserad av Marino Girolami (Frank Martino). Filmen utspelar sig på en ö med kannibaler och en galen doktor som experimenterar på dom och gör dom till zombies.

När jag växte upp och var i tidigare tonåren, ca 1985 så var detta filmen alla pratade om men ingen hade sätt. Ta i beaktning att detta var före internet och allt information flöde. Så mycket var rykten och hörsägen. Denna rulle som på svenska heter “Staden som fruktade solnedgången” skulle vara det läskigaste och vidrigaste som skådats. Men ingen hade den så det förblev ett rykte. När man några år senare började byta och köpa VHS från USA så cirkulerade aldrig denna på några listor. När 88 film släppt denna på Blu-ray så går man ner i brygga av glädje. Bilden är rätt gryning, men inga konstigheter det är så ibland med äldre film som inte spelades in på bästa möjliga media.

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Scream Cast (Horror podcast)

BETYG : skullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew-copy_litenskullnew_halv_liten

Amazingly good horror podcast that mixes old and new. It started out as a pure “Scream Factory Label” podcast, but around episode 20 they choosed to broaden their horizons and now talk about releases from all kind of labels such as Vinegar Syndrome, Arrow, Olive Film and so on. They even have people from those labels as guests.

To my delight they focus alot on blu-ray/DVD releases and are big buyers of physical media. For me this is a big selling Point, that they are not just “You tube movie watchers” but actually buys the Products. Another big plus is that the two main hosts often have kind of different opinions about movies and funny battering ensues. Sean seems to be the Nices dude on the planet, and Brad the opposite :-) A couple of podcasts Brad have shown up pretty drunk which is funny as fuck, he also have some amazing quotes such as “I love it when kids dies in movies, because kids are disgusting” :-)

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